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Small Frys Program Details

Small Frys Program Details

Small Frys runs for approximately 5 months (April - August) with 2 ice sessions per week.

This is a great opportunity for girls to work on their skills with other hockey-playing girls, just like them!

Small Frys is broken into 3 "Strides" that focus on different skill sets to better prepare your daughter for life as a hockey player. 

1st Stride: Focus is spent on fine tuning your player's basic, individual skating, stick handling, and shooting skills. This Stride is intended to help further your daughters skill development and give them the confidence to play hockey at a slightly faster pace!

2nd Stride:  Focus is spent on team skills such as passing, hockey awareness, body contact and hockey positioning. This Stride is designed to help girls transition from basic skills into being game ready players!

3rd Stride: The focus will be to prepare them for gameplay! The 3rd (and most fun) Stride will consist of a weekly "practice" to review of skills learned in earlier Strides and also include weekly cross ice games! This Stride develops players so that they can easily transition into their local rink's house leagues after they graduate from Small Frys!

For more info on skills learned, please see below. 

***Please note that all Strides are meant to be done in succession. Any exceptions will be evaluated on a case by case basis by Program Director, Lyndsey Fry (***

Weekly Schedule

There will be two groups or "Packs" throughout the summer. Pack A will have the earlier ice time and Pack B will have the later ice time consistently each week. As the beginning of the program gets closer, a survey will be sent out to ask parents to select a Pack and we will do what we can to accommodate everyone. 


  • Pack A - 5:20 PM
  • Pack B - 6:30 PM


  • Pack A - 2:35 PM
  • Pack B - 3:45 PM